Welcome to my Kingdom, dear gentleman…


Mila St-Laurent: elite-courtesan.


I dare to say so, by offering you the guaranty that the moments that you’ll spend in my company are going to be fabulous. Useless to say, my discretion is absolute. I master the art of fineness, to encounter your aspirations with elegance and creativity. A genuine Geisha, I possess the knowledge to entertain in the most sensual manner. I want to become your partner in crime.


I like to express my passions through many subjects such as culinary arts, oenology, beauty, adventurous massages, exploring new paths and velvet atmospheres. I have a true hunger for pleasure. Don’t get me wrong my dear friend; I know how to be agile in conversations of all kinds such as actuality, politics, international questions, refined scotchs, cigars…

I am the very best companion that you could have for a business dinner, Monsieur.


I must however admit that I reserve myself to very few elected candidates. You too have to be the Elite, my dear. My security and yours are mandatory. We will then make sure that our rendez-vous will be absolutely perfectissime !


So voilà gentleman, it is time for you to apply for my exquisite Universe.


À très bientôt, M xx



Age :

Weight :

Height :



120 P



Personality :

Activites :

Drinks :

Snacks :

Meals :

Sensual, naughty, sexy, sweet, attentive, enthusiastic

University, sports, travels, photography, dating, music

Sparkling water, champagne, bordeaux, bourgogne, cognac

Oysters, cheeses, berries, strawberries and cream or dark chocolate

Seafood, fish, meat

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